About Me!

Born and raised in MiamI, Fl which runs deep in my bones. Raised as a church girl and still is one today. I have been blessed to be a mother, a mother to 5 beautiful overly active children and I’m single at that. I don’t know no single mom who doesn’t work, so I work a fulltime job Monday through Friday  teaching 15 4 year olds. I  I love my job it allows me to be creative, adventurous and  out of the box but it is a lot because after work I go home to 5 children all under the age of 7. My hobbies are reading, sewing and drawing and thats only if I get the time. 

The Confident Mom Blog is a blog thats about Motherhood and seeing everyday as a joyous growth moment into the Mother & Woman God created me to be. This blog isn’t only for me but for every mother or soon to be mom. I want all moms to know they can be confident in every choice, decision, idea, business venture, new relationships whatever you choose to do. So rock on Confident Mom.😎