Mastering cooking on the weekdays… 8 to 5 working moms.

Who was I kidding, because I got tired of kidding myself, I work an 8 to 5 job, with an hour lunch and on most of those lunch breaks I have to go grocery shopping for my family. Two stops after work because my children are at 2 different programs, so every day we get home about 6;15pm. Do it all, not so, but halfway for me is the best way. I’m only one person and if you’re a single mom you are too. So, stop trying to overdo things.

When it comes down to preparing dinner I try not to stress myself or over think my abilities to be a mother. Somehow society a has crept into our minds and have us thinking that we suppose to do all and be the Betty Crocker kind of cooker too. Well, I’m going to say it again,” Not so!” I wanted less stress, less pressure on my feet but more time giving undivided attention to my kids and more quiet time for me. So that meant I had to find a better game plan for when we all got home and was ready to eat.

Weekdays I don’t cook full course meals only on the weekends I do that. I’m not even one of those mommy’s who prepares a week’s meal in advance. No, I have enough laundry to wash, fold, iron and then hang up, to even consider preparing a week’s meal in advance for 5 kids. Remember this, what works best for one mom, might not necessarily work best for you as a mom. So, don’t beat yourself up trying to fit into the hype of certain trends in parenting.

For my house, I decided to have a couple of friends cook for me or as I might say prepare food on the behalf of my busy schedule as a working mom. You may know these friends of mine but at times they are overlooked, underestimated and not valued but for the age group of kids I have, these friends have yet to fail me and the kids.

Okay, I know you’re wondering who are these friends of mine who help me out during the weekday and maybe can lighten your load. My dinnertime friends go by the name of Tyson, Viola, Stouffers, DiGiorno and Mrs. Paul’s.  Yes, it true these are my best friends, all I have to do is turn on the oven, open up the package, stick the food in the oven and wait. So simple yes indeed, more time for the kids and more time for me.


Tyson has a variety of meats from nuggets, chicken patties, chicken strips and flavored chicken wings. Prep work is already done when it comes down to Tyson, all that’s needed is a side dish. Most vegetables now that’s in the frozen section is microwavable, seasoned up and ready to go.


Viola is my next friend and it’s more so a pasta type of meal. Ten to twenty minutes in cook time and no side dish needed at all. Vegetables are already added to the bag and our favorite meal from viola is the beef lo mien.



Stouffers is another helper on the weekday, its mac & cheese, lasagna, and spaghetti goes great for leftovers. With Stouffer’s I have to take the food out the freezer before I leave for work but that’s the only prep. When we get back home I just stick it in the oven for 45 minutes and within those 45 minutes, I give my children undivided attention for homework and baths.


DiGiorno is our Friday night pizza go too. What kid doesn’t love pizza and a movie, especially when they had a long week at school? Its just a pop in the oven ordeal.  I finally know how to get the pizza to come out looking like the pizza on the TV. The key is not get distracted by other things. (lol) Seriously, how many times have you put a pizza in the oven and walked away and started doing 2 or more tasks? My point exactly, I don’t do nothing else on pizza night, no laundry, no work, just straight sitting among the kids waiting and talking.




Finally, my kids favorite is Mrs. Paul’s. We love her crispy fish sticks and fish fillets. Easy, simple and right on point, Mrs. Paul’s bring a meal that all kids can’t resist.  Mrs. Paul’s Fish sticks for dinner makes me a winner mom in my house. Somehow my children think I’m the best cooker in the whole wide world, hey I don’t stop those thoughts not one bit.

The point is if there is a way for you to not overdo yourself as a mother with all the duties you already have, then take the chance. Forget the trends that come and goes in parenting and forget those fake ideals of what a mother should do or be. Be confident and be yourself because what’s good for one house is not necessarily good for the next.

Until then Confident Mom’s keep thriving.

Yours Truly, Confident Mom Wanda


3 thoughts on “Mastering cooking on the weekdays… 8 to 5 working moms.

  1. 101foodtravel says:

    I do love cooking, each week I cook about 4 times and then whatever leftover we have we eat it on Friday and some we just put it in the freezer.


  2. Cooking can take so much time! I am a big fan of cooking in large quantities for leftovers throughout the week (or at least extra meats that can be combined with veggies/grain for a quick meal).


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