The 5 DON’TS concerning Single Moms

1. Single Moms don’t get enough sleep.

When we are sleeping, I do believe we are still thinking. Thinking about what we did that day, what we’re going to do the next day and if we can’t get it done that next day then can we get it done two days later. Point is, we can’t be sleep if we are still thinking. Being a single mom we have to provide all the things that the male figure brings to the family, like being a sense a security in the home. I don’t know how many times I wake up in the middle of the night to make sure everyone is ok. Sometimes I feel like I’m out of my head because I check my front door three times in one night just to make sure it’s locked. See the thinking don’t stop and it keeps us mommas from getting that good sleep.

2.Single Moms don’t pee or poop in peace or at all.

You would think as your child get older you would actually be able to finally walk to the bathroom without someone calling you, No as they get older they still do it, they don’t allow you to pee or poop in peace. When your children are babies, they just open the door and walk in on you, As your children get older, they stand at your bathroom door and have a whole freaking conversation with you as if you aren’t trying to concentrate. I’m over it now, I tell my seven-year-old to go away because checking homework while o the toilet is not on my to-do list, Needless to say, as a mother I haven’t had to use the bathroom until the last person is sleep. After going through the whole day, cleaning, cooking and playing with the kid, when I do go to the bathroom I’m like I haven’t been all day until now 8 o clock at night.

3.Single Moms don’t ever be on time.

Maybe this is just me only and I’m not trying to be the only person like this. I think it gets better with time as children get older and depend on how many children you have as a single mom to be considered never on time, What I have yet to understand is that my family can be late to so many other things but we are never late for school. For other days even on a good day, we can prepare 2 hours earlier, somehow, we will find something else to add to the to-do list. By the time we look up were late once again.

4. Single Moms don’t talk on the phone.

We have a time limit 10 minutes and under anything over is taking the attention of our children and an interruption will shortly come after. The thing about calling a single mom is, she’s not just talking to you on the phone but she also talking to everybody else in her background too. So if you don’t mind some yelling halfway through your conversation then hey, we need more friends like you but as I know that phone call is going to be short-lived.

5. Single Moms don’t like it when you start your question by saying, “I know you be tired but can you,,,,,,,?’

Oh my goodness, this kills me every time. If you know I’m tired, and I know I’m tired, what do you think I want to do? I want a break just like you. I want somebody to do something for me just like you want me to do. But no needless to say the sign of being tired is not enough for someone not to still ask a question. A single mother would prefer you just to ask a question rather then you acknowledge the fact that she has an overload of things to do. But you would still ask a question that you already know the answer for instead hoping us moms will be superwoman since we already have a lot to do, might as well add one more thing huh.

Some of these single mom don’ts also apply to married moms too because once upon a time I had a few of these issues when my children father was around. Just something to think about because Single Moms need to be given leniency in every area of life when it comes down to parenting because parenting is not the only thing they will have to do now. Things now have to adjust to the main focus and that’s the babies.

So if you know any more single mom don’ts share them in the comments so that I can laugh out loud with you.


Your Truly,

Confident Mom Wanda


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