What could a single mom do on the Weekend?

Working 5 days out the week is all I choose to do, so I would say lucky me. Most single moms work 6 or 7 days with enough time for their kids. Long hours exist, whether it’s morning shift or night shift. The days and hours that are worked by us moms are long and tiring but without a doubt we get it done. 

Well for me and any other mom who have the weekend off, I think as soon as we wake up that Friday morning we be ready for it to be over. I know I do because I be thinking of all the things that I would like to do when I get home. With all the other stuff that must be done for our children like washing, cleaning and feeding on Friday, a break is a must for us mommas. So when the weekend come and finding someone to watch our children is not apart of the plan, what to do???

Lifetime Movie Network– As soon as I walk in the door of my house, up the stairs and to my room, I turn my T.V on to LMN. No matter how crazy the shows tend to be somehow it’s relatable to every woman situation. So many different genres, so many different life lessons it’s like a warning before the actual test. So when Friday come there is no question asked, no interruptions in my room. I choose to laugh, cry and scream at the tv for the whole weekend with my favorite popcorn. 

Manicure & Pedicure- I don’t necessarily get the opportunity to go alone and get my nails and toes done. Being a single Mom with family miles away, I make due with what I have and be content. If you have someone to watch your children go get your nails and toes done. Get that quiet time in whether you bring a book or turn on that spotify on your phone. When you look good you feel good. For us moms who have the kids 24/7, what I do on my lunch break on Fridays I go buy me a new polish color every week. So now I have a polish stash and yes I reuse colors but I try to stay in the habit of buying a new polish. The whole point is doing something for yourself. Yes it maybe something little but the little things over time fills the space of learning how to be creative. 

YouTube & Pinterest– Oh yes I over love these two because one I’m a VPK Teacher and the other is I want to be able to do a little bit of everything. See this is what I have concluded about learning new things. Their are people that are gifted in certain areas but not everything but with practice and consistency you can learn to do anything. Who says it has to turn out to be a masterpiece, as long as it satisfy you that’s where it matter the most. So on youtube I watch make-up tutorials and high heel jazz classes to name a few. Pinterest is when I want to try make a new recipe, dessert or make something for the house. Yes I do this over my weekend. It keeps me busy and teaches me things about myself.

Put on Something Sexy– Yes I said Sexy. Ok no a man is probably not even looking our way YET but to be sexy you don’t need a man. Boost your confidence yourself and then from there, that boost will have you GLOWING. No baggy pants on the weekend or no big shirts that look like it can fit 2 other people in it. Somehow with that style a brush to the side hairstyle fall in line with it.  Find time to buy a maxi or con dress whether short or long. Tights or leggings are very comfortable with a nice fitted shirt, which will be great for a sexy simple look in the house. Open toe shoes will compliment that mani and pedi that you did.Wear your clothes and don’t let your clothes wear you. Sometimes being in the house or doing the same routine every weekend can make you get lazy and tired. It makes you not want to go the extra mile because there is not motivation. But I’m going to tell you whats my motivation, it’s a secret. In my mind and in my actions I prepare myself as if the one thing that I want I already have. So I ack accordingly already, so when it does come I won’t miss it.

Turn up the Music-  Yes hunni I got to have my music on, singing as if I could have been a singer in my later life.  Now there is specific music I’m talking about, the kind of music that channels your motherly vibe zone. To name few artist and songs :

1.Whitney Houston – One of those Days. 2. Diana Gordon – Woman 3. India Arie- Private Party 4. Alicia Keys – Brand New Day 5. Jill Scott- Golden

These are just a few and my favorite ones to be exact. The music could be any song that makes you sing out loud and forget about the everyday issues that necessarily shouldn’t brother you. One song says ” I having a private party, learning how to love me and celebrate the woman I become”. When was the last time you done that by yourself. It’s one thing to have people to encourage you through your journey but more so you have to do that for yourself because that’s when it matters the most. 

Most importantly, Make sure the children are occupied with Do it yourself Task–  This depends on the age of the children,  give them something to do and allow them to do it by themselves.  Listen here mommies, have your child be a helper and independent. Yes it takes time but it pays off at home as a single mom and at school when it time for sitting for different activities and transitioning. I don’t how many times I run into families that don’t allow children to do simple task like throw their own plate in the garbage, put their clothes away. Allow your children to do things themselves, so you don’t have to spend as much time doing it for them. A child can start as early as 3 years old because this helps a child to identify things around the house like dresser, sink and  refrigerator. Find ways to occupy younger children and for them older ones you just got to make sure who they are with, what they are doing and where are they going.

When that’s all set and done a weekend for a single mom is in tack. Didn’t have to spend to much money. Didn’t get aggravated calling around to see who was going to watch your child. You will be content, you will be fine and you will be satisfied. I gaurantee because I be stress free about my weekends not pouting about my me time. I get my me time. 

How about you?

 Yours Truly

đź’‹Confident Mom Wandađź’‹


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