The Secret Measure of “The Confident Mom”

I find myself here every morning before I start my day. I bet you’re wondering if my kids are with me or what time do I wake up to even go to the church. The picture above is exactly what it is, just a picture but for me it’s what the picture represents. In this building I assume this man finds refuge so that he can have alone time. Most of the time people do this because they need guidance, forgiveness or just there to acknowledge their maker.

For me a physical church building is not always necessary to go in for alone time. Don’t get me wrong I go and fellowship with like minded hearts every Wednesday & Sunday’s. But for my daily gathering with my Father up above, I have a relationship with Him that allows me to wake up right where I’m at and acknowledge Him 1st. I sit upright in my bed exactly like the man on the picture and I go right to my Father to acknowledge him, to see what He has planned for me that day, what He wants me to be aware of or what He wants to Grace me with that day. This allows my to flow as if whatever comes is already expected.

I can’t speak for no one else but I can encourage women who are in same situations just like me. Days YOU never know what’s going to happen to you or your kids. Days when YOU either over spend or don’t have enough to spend. Days when you just don’t have the answer or just ran your own self dry from over thinking things that can’t be done in your own strength. Days when you need someone to talk to. Those days are all so common to all moms but more intense for single moms.

For sometime now I’ve been walking with some pep in my step, some confidence knowing that situations and circumstances that come along with being a mom and a single mom, are going to come my way but I have been given the right amount of substance to not just deal with things but overcome them. I’ve learned to tap into the POWEr which was given to me as a mother. The power to bear things that are set out just for me to go through. We all go through the same things but at different times, whether you’re a single mom or a mom. The only time that a mother can think and believe that she hopeless or without power she need is because she forgets who her source is, she forgets how powerful her source is and how that her source will never leave nor forsake her.

For the moms who don’t believe in a maker,I honestly dont want to know how you came about this world. I just know what works for me and I simply believe Christ Jesus can work for you and through you. That’s the #1 secret measure of The Confident Mom. She relies totally on God, not saying that she doesn’t get tired or she doesn’t feel what others moms or single moms feels. She feels everything but she responds differently because she knows that feeling is a constant reminder for her to stay focus and Trust that God will provide EVERYTHING she will need.

Yours Truly,

Confident Mom Wanda 💋


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