When Sunday Comes….

You would think that before Sunday come I would have all the children clothes folded up and ready for school for Monday morning. Well no, Sunday I just be getting ready to fold and iron them. What could take me 45 minutes, actually takes 3 hours.  Between starting and stopping, diffusion arguments between the kids, taking a break from standing up, time flies. I eventually wonder where in the heck all these children come from. I don’t think I really thought it through having these wonderful children of mine, especially all 5 a year apart. They are here now, no turning back just moving forward.  On Sundays my family and I also goes to church that morning, so that cuts our day in half. Me going to church on Sunday is like a refresher for the week coming. For me to get through my week I need to refresh my mind, body and spirit man.  But sometimes on Sundays I feel like I’m working as hard as I am during the week. Is it because single moms just don’t never stop moving, thinking and talking? 

Somehow I have to get back on track as far as Saturdays and Sundays are my rest days.  No folding. no washing, no cleaning and no thinking. I just need to sit in my living room on my couch, while my children climb all over me and ask me 100 questions that don’t make sense. A break doesn’t always need to be outside the house, which could be so wonderful. But in my house with nothing to do is enough of a break for a single mom like me. So I have to get wiser and work myself through my whole 5 days of the week, which means by Friday night I should be finished with everything and getting in bed at 12am (the latest).  Saturday and Sundays are to be declared #FreeDays.

Your Truly,

Confident Mom Wanda.


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