Mi Frappe

Two weeks ago I was looking for something that can give me a boost in the morning. See, I work from 7:30 to 5:30 with 4 year olds ……

but before I get to work I have to wake myself and all my children up. Out of 5 of my children I help two of my children get dress because they are the youngest. Ok hold on I’m not being truthful, I get both of them dress without their help. For a moment I wanted to sound like one of those moms who tries to convince others that their little baby is so self sufficient and all she has to do is tell her child what to do and they just go do it. Well no not this Confident M. om. I be trying to beat the time and if I feel like I’m going to have to repeat myself more them 4 times, I would dress my younger 3 and 2 year old  while they are still sleeping.  My oldest children which are 7,6 and 5, have to be at the bus stop by 6:15 because the bus comes at 6:29. So no matter how prepared I am or how prepared we are, we are never able to leave the house before 6:15. Everyday we make it just in time and guess what? I am fine with that because by that time I put my kids on the bus, I’m tired all over again and that just be the 1st phase of my day. That’s where me needing the boost comes in because now it time for work and I’m about to see a whole lot of 4 year olds who have been energize for whatever you throw there way. So I started thinking and asking. A coworker told me about Starbucks and their Lattes but the drive was a little too far from my job. Now my sister in law told me about the Caramel Frappe at McDonald’s. I was kind of skeptical because I don’t like trying new things but I needed the boost so that I can step a little faster. Kind of sound like an addict already. So I tried it and everyday since in the morning I have been going to Mcdonalds to get me a Caramel Frappe with extra drizzle until TODAY.


To say I don’t know what they heck they put in that Frappe would be an understatement because it’s caffeine. The effect that drink had on my body is mind baffling because in a matter of seconds while I’m drinking mi Frappe and driving somehow I have to turn on music and start dancing. But today I didn’t get Mi Frappe because I was having one of my moments and I said to self “we have to save and be consistent”. Well I’m extremly drowsy today and when it was time for outside play with my students, I took the short route because I didn’t feel like walking for a long time. Everything I did today just felt slow. I feel bad about taking the easy route out by not giving my body a boost the correct way. Eating healthy, getting rest and exercise should have been my answer but I wanted a quick fix and sometimes these quick fixes taste good, feel good, look good but is just temporary, they quick fixes actually make you crash in the end. Now the only thing left to do for me, I speak for no one else, is to drink Mi Frappe in moderation 🤣🤣and still do 3 prerequisites on a daily basis so if ever I don’t have Mi Frappe, I don’t feel like a lump on a log. I bet you thought I was going to stop drinking Mi Frappe, no no silly rabbit tricks are for kids and Frappes are for CONFIDENT Moms. 

Well there it is, your’ s truly

Confident Mom Wanda.


One thought on “Mi Frappe

  1. Hi Wanda, I think we are all guilty of taking a quick fix every now and again, so you are not alone! You work long hours and with children too, so I think you should pat yourself on the back for not turning to something stronger!

    Thank you for linking up with the #MMBC.



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